Insights from your Sales Data: Can you trust your Sales Funnel?

Plan, do, check, act. Most Sales Manager are quick in in taking actions based on insights from their Funnel. But can they trust their insights?

Your insights are limited by the consistency and quality of the data in your Sales Funnel. You can only build reliable consolidated insights if your team is consistenly using the defined process with the same interpretation.

When scrutinizing a Customer’s Sales Funnel definition we too often find differences in interpretations. For example: John’s project entering the Offering Phase might not actually be as complete as Susan’s project entering the Offering Phase. To make things worse, inconsistencies build on top of each other and therewith further skew the actual insights.

I challenge you to check your status quo. Start with some of your critical data points and ask 5 people in your team their interpretation. Suprised about your findings? Let me know!

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