CRM adoption: it takes 66 days to change a habit

So you are not happy with the pace with which your Sales team is adopting your shiny new CRM system. Are they indeed slow in their adoption? Or, should you adjust your expectations? A study conducted by Philippa Lally found that the average time to pick up a new habit is 66 days. Simple habits […]

Using the 5 Why’s to identify the real Customer need

One thing is clear: your product is not the real Customer need. They might be asking for your product, but that is only because they think it might be an appropriate solution to fix their need.   Fact is that the vendor that best understands the Customer need has the best chance of winning the […]

Insights from your Sales Data: Can you trust your Sales Funnel?

Plan, do, check, act. Most Sales Manager are quick in in taking actions based on insights from their Funnel. But can they trust their insights? Your insights are limited by the consistency and quality of the data in your Sales Funnel. You can only build reliable consolidated insights if your team is consistenly using the […]

Getting faster at loosing new Business

The objective is common in B2B Sales: we need to close more deals in less time. The approach to get there is often common as well. A focussed improvement effort on how they can close a deal faster. They calculate the average number of days it takes to win a deal, and, then try to […]